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The Kady Haynes Cosio Beauty for Ashes Project

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Stage 4 Needs More
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What We Do

Our mission and purpose is to honor the memory and continue the legacy of our daughter by easing the financial burden of women diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer and their children.

Inform & Educate

Of the billions of dollars raised for Breast Cancer research, only 2%-5% is directed specifically towards the Metastatic Breast Cancer patient.  We can only change this through education and awareness.

Our recipients are chosen from

Our recipients are chosen from Metastatic Breast Cancer patients who are in treatment and recommended by a social worker.

Although our primary mission is to support women with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC), we also recognize the desperate need to bring awareness and education about MBC. If you know someone who has died from Breast Cancer, they actually died from Metastatic Breast Cancer. MBC/Stage 4 is when the cancer spreads outside the breast, most commonly to the liver, lungs, bones, and/or brain and there is no cure. 100% of Breast Cancer deaths occur after metastasis. In the U.S. alone more than 40,000 beautiful lives are lost each year. While only 6%-10% of initial Breast Cancer diagnoses are metastatic, 30% of patients diagnosed with early stage Breast Cancer will eventually develop MBC and die.

The Kady Haynes Cosio Beauty for Ashes Project

Metastatic Breast Cancer Facts

*MBC is the number one cause of cancer deaths in women under the age of 50.

Approximately 30% of all breast cancers will become metastatic.

The median survival after MBC diagnosis is only three years.

*More than 40,000 Americans die each year from MBC.

Despite these facts, research funding for MBC is only 2-5% of funding for ALL cancers in the U.S.

The Sad Truth

MBC is the elephant in the pink room of Breast Cancer. Unfortunately, fear, ignorance, greed, politics, misinformation and a host of other reasons are contributing to the facts you see remaining unchanged in the last 30 years. MBC patients are the biggest and most effective advocates for the changes and awareness desperately needed. They're painfully aware that a breakthrough of any kind will likely not occur before this disease claims their beautiful lives, but they are relentlessly advocating so that our collective daughters, mothers, sisters, and friends will have a fighting chance to live. Before our daughter was stolen by MBC, we didn't understand the need for more research and education. Now that we know better, we must do better and we're compelled to do our part to help bring about the changes needed. The Kady Haynes Beauty for Ashes Project proudly supports and endorses the ONLY organization wholly devoted to MBC research, where 100% of all donations are used towards funding research grants specifically targeting MBC. Go to to learn how you can be a part of the change.

Donna M.

"My family and I are so appreciative of the kindness that the "Kady Hayes Beauty for Ashes Project" has blessed us on with this Christmas. This time of the year it is very stressful for us because I am fighting Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer and it is hard financially to provide presents for our 6 teenage children. Thank you for taking this burden away by giving my family the very best Christmas possible. It's because of the Kady Hayes Beauty for Ashes Project and the kindness of the community that there were many smiling faces on Christmas morning. Kady's memory will live on forever in our home as well as our hearts. Thank you."

Mary P.

"I was dx with stage 4 IBC in July 2011 which now has traveled to my brain. I was humbled to be chosen as the first recipient from the Kady Haynes Beauty for Ashes Project. Terminal cancer is devastating for the family, especially financially. I am grateful for the generous contributions from people allowing such a non-profit project to exist. Beauty for Ashes provided my high school teenager a laptop to help in academics and provided many gifts cards to my family this last Xmas. This cancer journey is terrible but the kindness of the Kady Haynes Beauty for Ashes Project was a blessing and I wish it continue success in helping other metastatic breast cancer patients in the local community."

Sheila S.

"I love that part of my friend Kady's legacy is this wonderful organization that so lovingly fills a void in a critical segment of the breast cancer population. The most dire of families receive help, hope and joy through your fundraising. You have my unending support!!"

From Chris Healy, Social Worker Liaison at Moffitt Cancer Center

Your project is amazing and every year you bend over backwards to provide a wonderful holiday for some of our patients and their the children (sometimes grieving children). I also recognize how difficult it is when we provide a name at the last minute and you scramble so that no one is left out. Thank you for your wonderful and generous work and it is such a tribute to Kady and her legacy.

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