In January 2012 at the age of 28, our oldest daughter, Kady Debra Haynes, was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of Triple Negative Breast Cancer. After being told the cancer had metastasized and she was Stage IV and incurable, Kady was determined not to let the cancer rule her life - true to her beautiful spirit. 

On April 22, 2014, just 27 months after her initial diagnosis, Kady was released from cancer, pain, and the limitations of this life to live in her heavenly home, where we will one day join her.

Creating a Legacy

After her death we were honored with numerous inspirational stories from both friends and strangers of the many times and ways in which Kady reached out to others. From women living with Metastatic Breast Cancer, to those who just needed a helping hand or encouraging word. For several years prior to her diagnosis, Kady participated in the Angel Tree program providing Christmas gifts to underprivileged children. After her diagnosis, she felt led to redirect her efforts to women with Metastatic Breast Cancer and their children.

Our Ho​pe

Metastatic Breast Cancer robs families of so much, creating devastating physical, emotional and financial hardships. It is our greatest hope to continue Kady's legacy of love and kindness by providing Christmas gifts to women diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer and their children in our community, allowing their families to enjoy this special day free from some of the burdens and hardships that cancer imposes on their lives at what should be the most joyous time of the year.

"What's waiting on the other side is mine no matter what. The life I've been given and the choices I make with it is my 'climb' and the only part of me that will be remembered and last."

~ Kady Haynes

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

~ Winston Churchill

The Kady Haynes Beauty for Ashes Project