Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grieving Mother, You Don't Have to Hurt Alone

If you are a mother grieving the loss of your child, please feel free to share your story. When I began my Grief Journal and Messages to Kady, I never imagined that I'd share them with anyone, let alone the public. Then I began reading other moms' stories and realized there are very common and recurring feelings as we are unwillingly inducted into this sorority of horror. I also realized that we are forever changed and desperate to share common ground with women who get it. I lost my beautiful 30-year old daughter to Stage 4 MetastaticTriple Negative Breast Cancer but I can guarantee you that I understand the pain of the mom who lost her four year old son. The bad news is that we are bound together through indescribable, searing pain. The good news is that we are bound together by that same indescribable, searing pain. There are others who feel what you feel, mama. You don't have to hurt alone.

If you are the mother of a child facing death, I am so sorry for the pit of despair you're in. I also welcome your comments, laments, questions and fears. I can't make things better for your child but I can assure you that you're not alone in your valley of the shadow of death journey.


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